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RTI, Simplifying Customer’s Environment

With over 25,000 customers worldwide, Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI) provides user-friendly, professionally installed control and automation systems. Challenged with connecting to millions of global consumers through an ecosystem of resellers and installers, RTI prioritized their digital marketing efforts and won big.


Growth:  From 60k contacts, RTI’s registered customer base has grown 102% YOY

Optimization:  Time to market decreased by 25%

Engagement: Increased to 35-65% from 8%

Efficiencies: Sales follow up time improved by 22%   

“Creating simplicity in a very complex space is how we create value.  We believe in a personalized educational approach for each customer experience. Leadous and Marketo provided the tools we needed to drive growth and improve our customers overall experience.”  

--  Abbie Hill, Director of Marketing Communications

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When Hill first started at RTI, she quickly identified the need to cut out complexity and create a complete digital experience across their ecosystem so that resellers, installers and direct customers encountered the same digital experience (the Adobe B to E concept). Faster time to market along with improved engagement were clear priorities.   To assure success, steps were put in place and managed in phases with the help of Leadous and Marketo:

Creating a space for data driven decision making.

Closing the generational gap with RTI’s target audience.

Change management plays a huge role in the success of a new program/process.  
Aligning all business units internally for maximum impact to drive measurable results.


Hill's approach is unique as she has the ability to create simplicity in a very complex space, a self titled ‘Marketing Scientist’. She educates based on the brand - internally and externally on multiple levels.  She has the capability to think like a CEO, having a business mindset in a marketing position really elevates her company as a leader in the marketing and technology industries. She has Implemented a culture of wanting to learn more and asking WHY, going layers deep and using an educational approach to set expectations and create change.

Leadous led the process of leveraging Marketo and Salesforce to create a comprehensive marketing automation experience to drive business results.   Hill worked to gain proper buy in, identify the right players and executed her plan so it created the desired business results. Through a phased approach and identifying quick wins for the key players across the organization the combined use of Marketo and Salesforce.com has been a WIN for RTI.


-Faster time to market and improved engagement
-Increased Executive alignment provided with the transparency Marketo creates

-Through segments a more personalized experience was created for clients
-Account Penetration through a complete account-based marketing strategy


Leadous believes that marketing is a Human Experience.  
Behind every email, logo and computer screen are people waiting to engage with the world around them.  We connect people to your brand by enhancing your marketing strategy with purposeful automation that drives mindful digital experiences.  Building a sound foundation for your team to deliver business results and create happy clients.

Our HAPPY CLIENTS are how we measure our success.  
Proud Gold Partner of Marketo, an Adobe company.

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